SKWOD is best known for the unequaled aesthetic & athletic transformations achieved through it’s Private Transformation Coaching program, personally developed by our founders, and internationally renowned celebrity trainers Chief Brabon & Emilie Brabon-Hames.

This unique program has been described by the media as “the evolution of personal training”.

Our Head Coach Chief will create a strength and conditioning program specifically designed to achieve your personal health, fitness and/ or sporting goals, and Nutrition Coach Emilie will construct an eating program that will dramatically accelerate those results.

Note: All pricing below is based on Personal Training / Coaching with Chief and/ or Emilie at our über-exclusive SKWOD Training & Transformation Studio in The Rocks, on the North-Eastern edge of the Sydney CBD. Please contact us directly for a schedule of fees for our additional Rapid Transformation Coaches™.



Rhodium is our most popular package, also known as our Ultimate Transformation Package.

The Rhodium Package is the same one utilised to achieve the jaw-dropping results of Guy Sebastian, James Stewart, Osher Günsberg, and Rodger Corser, as featured on the covers of Men’s Health Magazine, as well Uli Latukefu who was recently featured on the cover of Men’s Fitness.

This package requires a minimum eight week commitment (preferably twelve weeks).

It consists of 5 x 45min Personal Training/ Coaching Sessions each week (Mon - Fri).

The fee per session is $150.


Like the Rhodium, the Platinum Rapid Transformation Package requires a minimum eight week commitment (again we prefer twelve weeks where possible).

It consists of 4 x 45min Personal Training/ Coaching Sessions a week.

The fee per session is $160.


The Gold Package, consisting of 3 x 45min Personal Coaching Sessions a week, requires a minimum six week commitment (we prefer eight weeks). These sessions are most often conducted Mon, Wed & Fri.

As with all of our Packages, you will also receive access to a custom designed home or self-guided gym app-based training program to complement your Personal Coaching sessions.

The fee is 170 per Personal Training/ Coaching session.



Our Silver Package consists of 2 x 45min Personal Training/ Coaching Sessions a week, and is predominantly used by current SKWOD Members attending regular Group Coaching Sessions, or our Sister program ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP™ (OBC), or who may be undertaking one of our Online Coaching programs to focus on specific personal goals.c

The fee per session is $180.


Again, our Bronze Package is often used by SKWOD Members involved in our Group Coaching Sessions, or OBC, or Online Coaching programs, looking for that extra edge when working towards their individual goals

Consisting of just 1 x 45min Personal Training/ Coaching Sessions a week, again we require a minimum four week commitment.

The fee $190 per session.



Many of our Members team up with their partner, friend, colleague, or family member. If they book in for the same time slots, they bioth receive a discount of 20% on that session.